3 Creative Health Insurance Plans for Small Businesses

Owning a small business or pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams is full of benefits. However, the one issue that small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs often struggle with is health insurance. Here are some facts about Americans who lack health insurance:

– 3.5 million uninsured people work full time and earn over $75,000 a year
– 60% of people without health insurance are people that have full time jobs
– 18% feel of people say they don’t have health insurance because they feel they are “invincible”
– Those that don’t feel invincible worry that a medical emergency could destroy their financial future.

After trying a quote or two online and becoming disheartened by the cost of individual health insurance plans, many small business owners and entrepreneurs manage their health care by “hoping” that they won’t get sick. While hoping for good health may help for a while, it’s not a permanent solution and one that is constantly weighing on the mind of the uninsured.

However, there are more options for individual and small business group health care than many people realize. In this article, we’ll discuss three creative health insurance plans for the small business owner:

Group Plans

Many people don’t realize this, but a business run by a solo entrepreneur can quality for a group health plan in many states! The advantage of a group health care plan is that it is often more affordable than an individual plan. When your business offers a group health care plan it’s an attractive incentive for employees to join your company so that you can attract top talent and grow your business as needed. In some states it is even possible to cover contracted 1099 employees with a group health care plan.

Health Care Spending Accounts (HSA’s)

Many people have never heard of a Health Care Spending Account. Those who have heard of HSA’s are often under the impression that Health Care Spending Accounts are only an option for wealthy and healthy- but this is not the case!

A Healthcare Spending Account provides a tax free place to keep money that will be used for qualified medical expenses for you and your family. By making voluntary, tax free contributions to your HSA, you have money on hand to pay for medical expenditures that is tax-free upon withdrawal. Because of tax savings, you are likely pay less with an HSA than with a traditional individual health care plan.

Benefits Carving

In some states, you can ‘carve out’ benefits from a standard health care package as a way to lower monthly premiums. There may be feature of a standard health care package that you don’t need and therefore may not need to pay a premium for. For example, you may want to build a plan that allows you 2 doctor visits per year for a low co-pay and agree to pay the full amount for any visits beyond your allotted amount. Any number of creative mix and match options are available to arrive at a premium that is right for you.

Affordable Health Care is a Reality with a Creative Plan

Health insurance agents who understand health care plans inside and out can help you find a plan that meets your needs and price range. By getting quotes yourself online, you may be missing out on ways to cut down costs.

Boost Your Creativity By Granting Yourself A Fresh Perspective

What makes creative output creative? How do you recognize creativity when you see it or hear it? Imagination, originality and inspiration all come into the mix, for sure, but does creativity have to be an example of something utterly new? I don’t believe that it does… some of the most strikingly creative works generate their impact by offering a new perspective. They illuminate the previously invisible in a thought-provoking new way.

It’s all too easy to get stuck in a same-old same-old pattern of thinking about life and how you live it. Restrictive habits have a habit of sneaking up on you quieter than a mouse in silk slippers. But if you truly want to live your life creatively, to revel in the joys of eccentricity and to produce creative output in a sustainable way, you need to keep your eyes, ears and brain actively on the alert for new viewpoints.

Granting yourself the opportunity of a fresh perspective on a regular basis is fundamental to your creative health. In experimenting with a fresh angle, you’re far more likely to come up with some novel questions for yourself, along with some engagingly creative answers too.

The most straightforward way to get a different perspective is to go somewhere that’s not part of your normal, everyday routine. By positioning yourself physically and geographically in a different place, you can access different mental and emotional perspectives too.

This is often what happens when you go on holiday – after a day or two you begin to see the challenges you had when you left home as somehow separate from your holiday self. The physical distance enables you to gain an emotional distance too. And with the emotional distance comes the opportunity to see the whole situation from a new mental perspective, offering the opportunity to come up with innovatively different possibilities. Einstein famously stated that you can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created. Similarly you often can’t solve problems in the place in which they were created.

New surroundings provide fertile ground for creative ideas too, of course. Anywhere that opens you to a sense of new experience will get your creativity sparking. And it doesn’t only happen in those beautiful, relaxing places where you can enjoy reflective time, although the opportunity is distinctly pleasant! More often still, the creative sparks come thick and fast when you’re outside of your comfort zone. So don’t shrink from the scarily unknown… try embracing it as a raw creativity opportunity instead!

Here’s a surprisingly effective and very simple exercise you can experiment with… Sometime in the next few days when you’re in your car on an everyday journey that you know well, stop the car in the middle of the route. Stop somewhere you wouldn’t normally stop, making sure it’s a safe place to park the car, of course! Then get out of your car and look. Really look. What do you notice from your new, stationary perspective? And what happens when you bring more than just your sense of sight into play? Use all your senses. Now what do you notice?

So… granting yourself a fresh perspective can be engineered very simply in an environmental context. All that’s required is that you either position yourself somewhere entirely new, somewhere you’ve never set foot before. Or that you take the time to be consciously alive in a place you know so well that you’ve stopped being truly aware of it.

Go and breathe in a new environment – feel your creative heartbeat quicken.

ONLINE EDUCATION (Health Care Informatics Certificate)

This certificate program is designed for health care and nurse professionals interested in pursuing or advancing in careers associated with health care informatics and technology. Individuals with little or no background in Informatics receive an overview of informatics as it relates to delivery within a health care facility. The program is designed to provide the learner with current knowledge in concepts of health care informatics, systems life cycle, and data management. The 10 credit-bearing specialization is available as a certificate program for students. The four courses in the informatics specialization certificate program are available at campuses offering nursing or health care degree programs using a variety of delivery methods.

Certificate in Healthcare Informatics Program Features and Benefits:

Quality: Fully accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.
Flexible: Totally online – you never have to come to campus, you can complete it at your own pace.
Career-oriented: Provides the groundwork for improved ability to serve as a liaison to clinicians, health care administrators and other health care professionals as well as non-health care professionals in the use of current and emerging computer technologies.
Affordable: Special tuition for employees of partnering corporations and health systems.

The health care informatics certificate program provides an opportunity for health care professionals, particularly those professionals without a BS in nursing, to acquire knowledge and skills in the rapidly progressing field of informatics. With the recent movement towards the adoption of the electronic health record and the need for IT infrastructure to increase patient safety and facilitate evidence-based practice, there is a growing need for more informatics specialists. This certificate provides opportunities for those new to the field and those who may be practicing in the field and need a professional update.

The curriculum includes both individual learning and team-based activities to develop collaboration skills, a necessity for this multidisciplinary field. Self-guided materials are combined with team assignments and lectures. Teams, selected to maximize professional diversity, work on case presentations and develop a capstone project, all of which are centered on real-world problems. The program concludes with a commencement and career fair day.
The format of the class is a blend of online and in-person training. The majority of the course materials are available on-line, consisting of lectures, reading materials, quizzes, tests, and discussion boards. On-line and remote collaboration occurs throughout the duration of the program between fellow students, team members, and faculty.
Now, more than ever, health care needs forward-thinking leaders. Help to build the industry’s future with a graduate level Certificate in Health Care Informatics.
A trend-setting innovator in health care education for more than 40 years, This one-of-a-kind opportunity for creative health care professionals who already hold a bachelor’s degree–and who are motivated to make a difference.
The health care informatics certificate program is offered in an online format that’s tailored to fit within a working adult’s busy schedule. You’ll have the freedom to:

Take classes where and when it’s convenient for you.
Collaborate with faculty and classmates through interactive online communities.
Explore topics independently, created in partnership with Johns Hopkins University.
Apply what you’ve learned directly to your current job.
Advance your education while balancing school, work, and family.

The health care informatics certificate program provides an opportunity for health care professionals, particularly those professionals without a BS in nursing, to acquire knowledge and skills in the rapidly progressing field of informatics. With the recent movement towards the adoption of the electronic health record and the need for IT infrastructure to increase patient safety and facilitate evidence-based practice, there is a growing need for more informatics specialists. This certificate provides opportunities for those new to the field and those who may be practicing in the field and need a professional update.

Become an Expert in Health Care Informatics
The Health Care Informatics Certificate program consists of six courses totaling 17 credits. You’ll learn how informatics is already changing the U.S. health care system, while exploring informatics’ vast untapped potential to improve health care delivery.
Working with dynamic faculty who have years of first-hand experience in health care informatics, you’ll develop career-building skills and expertise in subjects such as:

Data standards
Informatics project management
Relational database systems
Planning, design, and implementation of informatics systems
Ethical, legal, and policy issues

In this fully online, interactive program, you’ll learn core concepts and technologies related to the design, integration, implementation and evaluation of clinical information systems. And, you’ll engage with expert faculty and peers representing a variety of professional roles and settings–from physicians and nurses to systems analysts.
A partnership between Program, this 19-unit certificate complements the university’s graduate program by providing a meaningful option for working professionals who desire an applied program of study and want to get up to speed quickly. Benefit from expertise in medicine, nursing, public health and computer engineering, while gaining practical knowledge you can put to work immediately.

You May Qualify For Financial Aid.

Optimal Health, Living Stress Free, and an affirming Attitude for Success

In order to live stress free, we must affirm our health and wellness. Living in optimal health means nothing unless we have learned to live stress free and have an attitude which aligns with success. Stress is a physical and chemical manifestation resulting from resistance against creative energy.

This resistance to creative energy becomes stagnant Chi or stagnant life-force. This stagnancy will cause joint pains, elimination and digestive problems, acidosis, and in some cases degenerative diseases.

So let us take a moment to discover how we can live stress free for optimal health and develop an affirming attitude which leads to creativity and success.

A wonderful way to start the process of living stress free for optimal health is getting our bodies in motion through exercise. Exercising gives us a fit body, but it also allows chi or energy to move about our bodies.

A sedentary lifestyle or just a sedentary job can still cause stress because your body is not in motion. Think about how many times you have sat at your office desk for hours. During this time, your eyes became tired and strained, your back ached, and your neck started to cramp. The moment you stood to your feet and stretched your arms above your heads and touched your toes, you begin to feel a release as if the blood in your body has begun to circulate again. And that is just what happened. Exercise no matter how simple gets the blood circulating. And when your blood starts to circulate, chi is no longer stagnant. With this release, your brain cells reactivate which sparks creativity.

Stress can also be eliminated with the practice of meditation and yoga. Yoga and meditation is a great way to affirm your health and wellness. Many people see yoga as exercise, but yoga is truly a science, a science which uses the anatomy of the body to move energy and chi to promote vitality, strength, concentration, present-moment awareness, and higher consciousness. Yoga coupled with meditation puts the universal law of purpose and intent into motion and guides the creative process. As the practitioner moves through the asanas (poses), he or she is in an affirmative state which not only aligns the spine, but aligns energy, thoughts, and eventually actions. Accordingly, with the power to promote vitality, stress is no longer a factor. Stress cannot live where vitality breeds.

Drinking water and maintaining a high water content diet promotes fluidity and the suppleness of our bodies. To experience optimal health and stress free living, it is a great practice to drink plenty of water and maintain a high water content diet. This can be accomplished by drinking plenty of pH balanced water, eating raw fruits and vegetables, juicing, and preparing fresh fruit smoothies.

In recent decades, our markets are being filled with processed foods which have no water. These foods tend to rob water from our joints and muscles. As a result the body becomes rigid and this leads to stress. By juicing fresh fruits such as apples, melons, kale, turnips, and celery, preparing avocado, agave nectar, and mango smoothies, or eating a fresh salad made with spring greens, avocado, fresh lemon juice, tomatoes, cucumbers, and green onion, we put this nutrient rich water back into our bodies. This water promotes flexibility and fluidity. As a result, our organs perform better and our excretory system removes metabolic waste and toxins at an appropriate rate. When our excretory system performs in optimal health mode, we feel light, our organs are not stressed. This leaves room for our minds to use energy for creativity instead of fighting off toxins.

This leads to another wonderful tool for stress free living and optimal health, the dynamic duo of fasting and detoxification. Unfortunately for many, the idea of fasting and detoxification brings up feelings of depravity. However, this is absolutely erroneous. Fasting and detoxification is a process of cleansing, replenishing, and restoration. In the process of cleansing for example, during a juice fast, the body is being cleansed of toxins, parasites, and metabolic waste including incrusted bile and fecal matter. This cleansing process gives the digestive system a chance to rest and this energy can be used for creativity which leads to an affirming attitude. And an affirming attitude is much better for our emotional and mental state.

Accordingly, while addressing our emotional and mental state, another practice which promotes optimal health and stress free living involves our connection to nature. Nature is such an innate part of us and many of us who lead busy lives forget our connection with nature. Taking our lunch in the park, sitting on a park bench and feeding the birds, walking the dog, planting and gardening, or just standing on our front lawn taking a deep breath allows us to connect with nature. Connecting with nature is a surefire way to relieve tension and stress both emotionally and physically. This connection with nature reminds our bodies on a cellular level to enjoy life, to see abundance all around us, and that we are very much a part of the continuum. With this reminder, we understand there is no need to stress.

And just what is an affirming attitude? Our attitude is an indicator to how we see life. An affirming attitude sees the good in life and therefore draws the good from life experiences. Remember, in order to develop an affirming attitude, the way in which we see life, we must let go of all that leads to stress and start to practice those things which allow us to experience joy, elation, love, affluence, peace, and order.

Stress is merely a signal that we are holding on to things which do not affirm our true selves. By practicing those things that help us maintain good health and stress free living, we develop an affirming attitude. This affirming attitude leads to direct alignment to creative energy. And when we are creating goodness, we will live in optimal health.